Daria Amoroso

Daria Amoroso is a MD, with Specialization in Anesthesia and Resuscitation and Emergency-Urgency Medicine at Policlinico Umberto I, Sapienza University of Rome. She worked as an anesthetist in several clinics and hospital in Rome, such as: “S. Pietro Fatebenefratelli”, Intensive Care Clinic of “American Hospital”, Subintensive Therapy of the “Nostra Signora della Mercede” Clinic and, Clinical Intensive Care Unit” Villa Margherita”. She followed several specialization courses such as Clinical Ultrasound in Emergency, Sedation and Analgesia Course in Urgency. She has got several Nationally and Internationally recognized Certifications: “BLS Instructor” of the American Hearth Association, “ACLS Provider” of the American Hearth Association. She has been Instructor of the course “Management of Airways”. She is Member of the following Associations: Italian Society of Anesthesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care (SIARTI), Italian Society of Emergency Medicine – Urgency (SIMEU).

She is author of several publications on peer review Journals and contributions to international conferences.

More about

7hc is an Italian innovative startup. The company aim is to develop a computational platform service to support the rational design, screening, and optimization of a specific binder for a protein target, to become a benchmark for the design, development and optimization of novel drugs.

The idea was born, in fact, in order to provide effective support to the pharmaceutical industry and, more generally, to companies operating in the economic sector which integrates the research, design and development of drugs for human or veterinary medicine. 7hc fits into this context with a clear goal: to use information technologies and algorithms at the frontier of scientific research with the idea of putting them at the service of the pharmaceutical industry in order to improve the design process and optimization of drugs.

The necessity of resources optimization is evident when considering that, on average, 12-14 years and more than 1 billion euro are required to bring to market a drug from the time of its discovery. Currently the process of development of a molecule is characterized by a very high number of failures, due in large part to inadequate pharmacokinetics, lack of efficacy, toxicity, side effects in humans and various commercial factors. The recent scientific literature demonstrated that an accurate estimate, fast, reproducible and low cost of the pharmacokinetics of a candidate molecule significantly reduces cost and time required to develop a drug.

Role in PARENT

7HC will host ESR14: Software implementation to predict NDTrj from clinical dat.

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