Isabel Benavente-Fernández

Isabel Benavente-Fernández (MD PhD) has 5 postgraduate degrees: she is Specialist in Pediatrics, Expert in Epidemiology and Clinical Research, has a Master in Research Methodology in Health Research Methodology in Health Sciences and a one-year postdoctoral research fellowship in Neonatal Neurology at the University of Toronto and Sickkids Hospital (Canada). She is currently working as a Neonatologist in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the HU Puerta del Mar where she provides clinical care to newborns with neurological disorders. She is also Associate Professor at the University of Cádiz. She has completed her doctoral thesis on the prognostic utility of electroencephalographic neuromonitoring in the premature infant. She co-leads the research group on perinatal brain injury at the Institute of Biomedical Research of Cadiz (INIBICA). She has participated in several multicenter projects whose results are changing clinical practice and will be transferred to different Clinical Practice Guidelines in neonatal neurology. She has more than 50 scientific publications related to Neonatal Neurology. In addition to 7 book chapters, published in ed. indexed in SPI, dealing with the neurological prognosis of the premature infant. She has supervised 2 doctoral theses and is currently supervising 4 other doctoral theses. She is currently PI in 3 projects with competitive funding that are closely related to the present study (PI-0052-2017: Socioeconomic Level, Brain Development and Neurological Prognosis in Very Low Weight Preterm in the Province of Cadiz. ITI-0019-2019: Trajectory of brain growth in the neonatal period, assessed by multimodal neuroimaging, in very low weight preterm infants. PI-0016-2020: Brain development and neurological prognosis at 8 years after preterm birth. Psychosocial and family aspects).

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Fundación Cádiz is a private non-profit organisation which aims to stimulate, develop and harmoniously integrate basic, clinical and public health research, and to potentiate transnational research to encourage better sharing of the scientific advances in the areas of the prevention and treatment of the most common health problems. The Foundation manages the activity of the CADIZ INSTITUTE OF BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH AND INNOVATION, hereafter referred to as INiBICA. INiBICA offers coverage for every healthcare area in the province of Cadiz, with a population of more than 1.2 million people who are potential beneficiaries of the activities carried out by the Institute. INiBICA principally consists of the University Hospital Puerta del Mar (Cadiz) and the University of Cadiz, which form its basic nucleus, together with the group of Public Health Centres of the province of Cadiz. In total, it manages more than 780 researchers and an annual budget of three million euros, a figure which increases yearly.

Role in PARENT

FCADIZ will host ESR3 and ESR4:

· Preterm Children neurodevelopmental trajectory: clinical study focused on neuroimaging and electric signals.

· Preterm Children Neurodevelopmental Trajectory: clinical study focused on biomarkers selection.

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