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GPI is a group of companies controlled by the parent company GPI spa, which has been operating in the healthcare and social services market since 1988. This alliance combines the range of skills of the companies involved with the aim of extending and improving the services offered. GPI’s business focuses on healthcare information systems, welfare and social services, home assistance, rehabilitation, rest homes, domotics, multi-services for healthcare and hospital organizations, telecommunications, social and sanitary call centres, online payment systems, mobile technologies, as well as consulting services on technology and organization. GPI has a strong expertise in healthcare and welfare processes and services, and has managed many projects in Italy. There are over 1300 customers (500 in healthcare) that work with GPI Group solutions: institutions, healthcare bodies, public and private hospitals, daycare centers communities, residential healthcare centers, nursing homes, childcare centers, cooperatives Credit institutions, organized distribution retailers, small and medium sized enterprises and more. In the last five years GPI Group has tripled its turnover, from 63.5 million in 2013 to 203.9 in 2018 (EBITDA 25,6 mln). At the end of 2019 the number of employees rose to almost 5.600 employees in 22 subsidiaries. Among them, the GPI R&I department was founded in order to achieve R&I objectives and focuses its research on e-Health, e-Welfare and well-being. Established in 2011, the Center is co-located in the EIT ICT Labs node in Trento.

Role in PARENT

GPI will host ESR9: In silico predictor of neurodevelopmental trajectory starting from early diagnosis clinical data.

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