Vida Groznic

Vida Groznic has PhD in AI. She has more than 10 years of research experience in medical diagnostics solutions, based on computer decision support systems. She also works as a TA at University of Primorska and researcher at University of Ljubljana.

More about

NEUS Diagnostics is a privately-owned high-tech start-up research company, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The company was formed by experts from different areas of specialisation who are committed to developing a next generation tool for early detection of various neurological diseases. The core team possesses knowledge from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with a proven track record in applying AI techniques in medical domains, marketing, finances, controlling and business development. The company has a strong collaboration with medical doctors and psychologists with whom they have already successfully completed several projects.

The company is primarily developing a software tool for detecting mild cognitive impairment using eye-tracking technology. They have experience in designing computerised tests, building diagnostic models, designing research and clinical studies, executing clinical studies including the necessary regulatory tasks.

Role in PARENT

NEUS will lead SO2: Eye Tracking in newborn at neurological risk.

NEUS will also host ESR10: Computerized neuropsychological test battery based on eye-tracking specific for preterm children.

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