Lorenzo Galletti

Dr. Lorenzo Galletti is Director of Heart Surgery Unit that treat more than 500 patients per year with conventional surgery, thoracic transplantation and mechanical circulatory and respiratory support. A substantial amount of patients affected by congenital heart disease are neonates with tendency to prematurity. Dr. Galletti perform and supervise directly treatment of these patients in collaboration with other hospital units.

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OPBG is a Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care and an Academic Medical Center. It is Italy’s main paediatric Hospital and provides third level health care for children while performing basic, clinical and translational research activities. OPBG is widely recognized as referral centre for all paediatrics specialties at national and international level. OPBG has a total permanent staff of aprox 2,500, of which 550 physicians, 45 biologists and pharmacists, involved both in clinical and in research activities. All pediatric specialties are present in the hospital that is accreditated by Joint Commision International. The hospital is particularly reputated for treatment of heart disease in neonates, infants and children being the largest pediatric heart unit in Italy.

Role in PARENT

OPBG will lead SO3: Correlation between CHD and NDD.

OPBG will also host ESR13: Neurological biomarkers in predicting neurodevelopment disability driven by CHD.

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