Umberto Michelucci

Umberto Michelucci studied physics and mathematics. He is a proven expert in numerical simulation, statistics, data science and machine learning. He has continuously extended his expertise in post-graduate courses and research projects over the years. In addition to several years of research experience at George Washington University (USA) and the University of Augsburg (DE), he has 15 years of practical experience in data warehousing, data science, and machine learning. In 2014, he completed a “Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education” in England to expand his knowledge in teaching and pedagogy.

He is the author of “Applied Deep Learning – A Case-Based Approach to Understanding Deep Neural Networks” (, published by Springer in 2018. His second book on “Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks Theory and Applications” came out in 2019. He is very active in Artificial Intelligence research. He regularly publishes his research results in leading journals and he regularly gives talks at international conferences.

He is a lecturer at ZHAW University of Applied Sciences for Deep Learning.

He is also the founder of TOELT GmbH, a company with the goal of developing new and modern teaching methods for AI, and making AI technologies accessible to everyone.

More about

TOELT LLC is a company based in Switzerland, focusing on research in different areas of machine learning and deep learning. It is active in the development of high-efficiency computing methods based on new algorithms, of machine learning techniques application in different fields of science, and in the modelling of complex systems. TOELT is also specialized in training and teaching of machine and deep learning at an international level. Umberto Michelucci, co-founder and chief AI scientist, is a Google Developer Expert and collaborates extensively with Google, therefore having direct access to collaborations with Google development teams for accelerated support on complex problems. TOELT LLC has also extended experience in coaching younger researchers that have the possibility of working on bleeding-edge research projects with the company.

Additionally TOELT LLC is also a preferred NVIDIA partner, therefore it has access to the entire NVIDIA palette and know-how.

Role in PARENT

TOELT will host ESR15: Development of artificial intelligence framework to model the ncRNAs biochemical pathway and predict the target interactions.

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