Aleksander Sadikov

Aleksander Sadikov is a 20-year computer science veteran, specialized in supporting medical diagnostic with AI. He is assistant professor and head of the University of Ljubljana advanced AI department. He has also worked on analyses of medical treatments for Astra Zeneca and Boehringer Ingelheim.

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The University of Ljubljana (UL) is the largest and oldest university in Slovenia. It celebrated its centennial in December 2019. It is a public university that encompasses 26 faculties and enrols just short of 40,000 students.

The Faculty of Computer and Information Science (UL FRI) offers a variety of computer science study programmes on all three Bologna cycles, including two double degree programmes (with Technical University Graz, Austria, and with Kyungpook National University in South Korea). It enrols about 1,400 students with about 50 PhD students.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AILab) is one of 19 research laboratories at UL FRI. It carries out basic and applied research in artificial intelligence (AI) with a strong interdisciplinary focus on the use of AI in medicine. Its members are currently involved in two European projects, and are in charge of work package within the QUIERO project (“Quantitative MR-based imaging of physical biomarkers”). AILab’s members are also involved in the national programme (funded by the Slovenian Research Agency) “Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems”. There are currently four PhD students guided and supervised by AILab’s members.

Role in PARENT

UL will lead SO1: Neonatal Brain Specific Hybrid Neuroimaging Technology.

UL will also host ESR8: Machine Learning to automatically detect motor or cognitive impairments in premature infants from various information sources.

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