27 NOVEMBER 2020



Organised by Politecnico di Torino (Turin)

14-16 OCTOBER 2021


First Training Event: Neurodevelopment after Preterm Birth: Diagnosis, Ethics and Social Impact

Three days training event that targets to familiarize the network’s structure, its topics and targets, and individual projects. To get an overall picture and complexity of the neurodevelopmental disabilities diagnostic path for preterm children considering also ethics and social impact.

Organised by INiBICA, UCA and Nene Foundation (Cadiz)

31 MARCH – 2 APRIL 2022


Second Training Event: Neurodiagnostic focused on neurodevelopmental disabilities

Three days of training aimed at an overview of neuroimaging diagnostic tools and eye-tracking technology. Understanding how to use medical knowledge in the design of personalized testing technology, data visualization and processing. Finally, examples of successfully completed projects will be given.

Organised by KU Leuven and Icometrix

24-27 AUGUST 2022


Third Training Event: Machine Learning for Neurodiagnostics

Three training days that target to provide an overview of the best practices to take into account in order to succeed in machine learning-based projects. The training will also cover the fundamentals of neural networks and deep learning, including hands-on sessions.

Organised by University of Ljubljana, NEUS Diagnostics and TOELT

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